Critical care Medicine       

It is a highly specialized branch of medicine, its deals with sick, criticall  ill or  injured people due to various causes like shock Heart failures, Polytrauma, Severe  head injuries, poisoning and life threatening infections among others.

Patients are managed  specialized critical units with specialized beds with each bed  being  attached with multi para  monitors, advance life support aids like ventilators, NIV and oxygen therapy devices.

These patients are constantly being looked after 24/7 with high end advanced  monitors and a dedicated staff nurses.

Life saving procedures like intubations, initiation of  Ventilator support , pace maker insertion , tracheostomy and other procedures are being done continuously.

Periodic  quality auditing and measures of quality control like infection control are being done on a  regularly basis.

The unit is fully compliant  with NABH standard. The unit is also recognized by Indian college critical care medicine to conduct post doctoral fellowship courses in critical care medicine.  


1.  Dr.Vaidyanathan