Department of Radio-diagnosis & Imaging

Cauvery Heart & Multi-Specialty Hospital provides 24X7 services of Radio-diagnosis & Imaging including non-invasive and interventional radiology services. Operational round the clock, it not only serves the diagnostic needs of all other departments in the hospital but caters to the diagnostic requirements of most of the neighbouring Hospitals and Nursing Homes.  With the help of state –of-the-art equipment following services are rendered through the radiology department:

CT scanner:

Whole body scanning

It is a whole body CT scanner which can be used to perform both non-invasive and invasive & contrast studies.

  • CT Imaging studies performed

  • Plain CT scan of brain, chest, abdomen & Extremities.

  •  Helical scans specially for trauma of head, facial bones

  • Contrast studies of brain, chest, abdomen

  • Bone & joint CT scans

  •  CT guided procedures like FNAC, Biopsy & drainage procedures


All images obtained using digital systems are called digital X-rays. The common digital method used is the CR system that produces digital X-rays on a computer. See the accompanying picture for an idea of how this works.

X-rays have been used to view all parts of the body. Specifically they are required for chest, all bones, joints and abdomen.

There is also facility for a portable X-Ray for Bed side imaging of postoperative patients/ patients on ventilators.

Our X-ray department is also equipped to perform all types of special X-ray procedures like

  •  HSG ( Hysterosalphingography)

  •  IVP (Intravenous pyelography)

  • MCU/RGU (Micturating cystourethrography/ Retrograde Urography)

  • Barium studies


Ultrasound is a technique which uses sound waves of high frequency to produce images. Ultrasound is used in many parts of the body, specifically to view the fetus, for other gynaecological abnormalities and to view the abdomen, orbits, thyroid gland, breast, testes, etc.

Ultrasound studies include:

  •  Routine USG of neck/abdomen/ chest

  •  Doppler studies of both arteries and venous systems

  •  USG guided procedures like FNAC, biopsy, fluid tapping, and drainage procedures.

  •  Cranial Doppler of newborns & infants