Patient rights and responsibilities

As a patient, you have the right

  •  Right to demand privacy during examination
  •   Right to protect against physical abuse and negligence
  •  Right to know  health condition
  •   Right to demand for confidentiality of information
  •   Right to know the cost of treatment
  •   Right to refuse treatment
  •   Right to refuse to sign consent
  •   Right to refuse admission
  •   Right to refuse advance life support
  •   Right to get discharged against advice
  •   Right to voice complaint
  •   Right to access medical information
  •   Right to take second opinion
  •   Right to refuse consent for research activities.
  •   Full disclosure of the information including health condition
  •   Providing informed consent for  admission, treatment & procedures
  •   Communicate with doctors if they are unsure about any aspect of illness or treatment
  •   Considerate to medical and non medical needs of the patient
  •   Refrain from bringing valuables to the hospital
  •   Not use personal electrical appliances during their stay in the hospital
  •   Refrain from smoking and consuming alcohol
  •   Refrain from using mobile phone
  •   Not to take photography and video recording without authorization
  •   Confine to hospital diet and canteen services
  •   Not to offer tips to hospital employees
  •   To allow the staff to escort them with in the hospital
  •   Ensure adherence to hospital visitor’s policy by their family and friends
  •   Adhere to hospital policies and procedures.