Welcome to Department of Cardiology

We at Cauvery Heart& Multi-Speciality Hospital offers you a wide range of Interventional procedures in Cardiology. Our team of professional experts incorporates a multidisciplinary approach to treat various types of cardiovascular problems.

Cardiac care is highly specialized and requires years of experience and expertise, and we aim to provide the best to each and every patient at Cauvery Heart & Multi-Speciality Hospital in Mysore. We accomplish our aim of delivering the entire spectrum of cardiac care from screening to operative procedures engaging a team of leading cardiologists, interventional cardiologists, and vascular surgeons in Mysore.

Our team has some of the best cardiologists in Mysore, treat a variety of heart conditions such as heart diseases, vascular disorders, congenital heart disorders or defects, heart failure, and emergency cardiac conditions such as heart attacks and cardiac arrests. This team of top cardiologists in Mysore specializes in diagnosing and treating conditions non-surgically. If required, our surgical team can also perform complex cardiac surgical procedures in both adults and children, including cardiac bypass surgery, and paediatric heart surgery. We offer high-end treatment solutions for complex coronary angioplasties including FFR guided PCI, rotablation for intermediate lesions, endovascular procedures like aortoiliac angioplasty, carotid stenting, aortic aneurysm, dissection management, and congenital defects. These complex Angioplasties procedures are assisted by imaging guidance such as IVUS, OCT and 3D TEE, CT Imaging during structural heart procedures.

We have some of the best heart specialists in Mysore. We are also equipped with the latest, state-of-the-art technology for diagnostics and imaging studies. Our facilities include a dedicated cath lab, dedicated operation theatres, and dedicated intensive care units. Our cardiac medical staff is supported by a team of cardiac nurses, and cardiac technicians who are available round-the-clock for providing comprehensive cardiac care.

Cauvery Heart & Multi-Speciality Hospital Mysore is a Centre of Excellence for cardiac care, and we are committed to providing the best medical and surgical treatment to all our patients.

FAQs on Cardiologist

  • What does a heart specialist do?
    A heart specialist or cardiology is a physician who can diagnose and treat conditions related to the heart.

  • When should I consult a heart specialist?>
    You can consult a heart specialist if your primary doctor refers you to one for symptoms such as shortness of breath, breathlessness, chest pain, etc.

  • Can I see a cardiologist directly?>
    You can see the cardiologist directly if you have a genetic risk of developing a cardiac condition. The heart specialist can evaluate your medical condition and assess your risks, helping you to manage your health accordingly.

  • What to expect during the first visit with a heart specialist?
    During your first visit, the heart specialist will evaluate your medical history and risk factors for developing cardiac conditions. You may undergo a cardiovascular examination. Your heart rate, blood pressure, and electrocardiogram may be obtained.

  • How many types of cardiologists are there?
    Cardiologists are specialized and trained to provide care for patients across age groups and varying heart conditions. Some of them are: a paediatric cardiologist manages cardiac conditions in children below the age of 18, a cardiac surgeon performs major heart surgeries, and interventional (non-invasive) cardiologist deals with cardiology tasks that do not require surgery.

  • Does the heart specialist perform heart surgery?
    No, the heart specialist does not perform heart surgery. The cardiac surgeon may get further specialized to perform cardiovascular surgery and cardiothoracic surgery involving the heart, blood vessels, veins, and arteries performs the procedure.

  • How does a cardiologist check for blocked arteries?
    Blocked arteries can be found through tests such as cholesterol screening, angiogram, echocardiogram, ultrasound, etc.