Overview of Anaesthesia

The Department of Anesthesiology at Cauvery Heart& Multi-Speciality Hospital comprises of an integrated group of extensively trained and highly skilled doctors. The team consists Anaesthesiologists who have trained in the best institutes in India and abroad in all subspecialties of anaesthesia including neuro anaesthesia, regional anaesthesia, Obstetric anaesthesia, paediatricanaesthesia, cardiac anaesthesia and pain management.

The anaesthesia team provides elective and 24/7 emergency cover to operating rooms, endoscopy unit, cath lab, CT/ suites. It aspires to provide world-class peri-operative care by integrating experience and modern technology.

Undergoing surgery is a mentally and physically stressful event for the patient and their family. Our dedicated anaesthesia team understands a patient’s journey starting at pre-operative assessment, surgery, recovery & return to normal life and aims to make it as smooth and pain-free as possible. Our commitment to every patient who is having any surgery is 'We will treat you well'.